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And Finally.. the Crazy 12 Days of Final Exam is DONE.

Been having final exam since November 28, and finally it’s done today. Yay! \(ˆ▽ˆ)/

Really, having exams for more than 2 weeks made me crazy.

And yesterday I even made this creepy ‘scar’ on my hand, took the picture, and sent it to my sister. And yes, she did think it’s a real scar. HAHA (See, how stress I was? :p)

p.s. I just used my red-inked-pen :p

Do you think it looks like a real scar? :>

Ah ya, for the Iron Man sketch, actually I have already finished it. But…. I was in a hurry since I had to give it to my art teacher before the final exam started and I haven’t took the picture :(

Anyway, I’m currently joining the decoration team for the English Festival (which will be started tomorrow)

I made this poster :

I used the newspaper and colour it :D

and also made this banner with the other team members (just finished it this afternoon) :

And last… Please do pray for my test result, will you?

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